What We Do

With Organisations- Consulting & Freelancing


With over 15 years of human and community service experience, we are well positioned to offer consulting or freelancing services including fee for service project work or retainer fee work in the following areas:

With Individuals & Families-NDIS Capacity Building

We are currently not registered as an NDIS provider, however, we are able to work with individuals who are plan or self managed in a variety of funding categories.

Life Planning & Roles Based Planning

We assist individuals to create a vision for the future, to get clear about who they are, articulate their interests and dreams, and outline the steps to move closer towards what a “Good Life” looks like to them. We utilize the principles of SRV in the process to focus as closely as possible on what is societally valued by the majority of community such as relationships, regular living arrangements, work/employment, image and competency enhancement, and citizenship.

Identification, Recruitment or Training of a personalized support team

We work with you to identify what is important to you now and in the future, what valued roles you wish to have, who the right people are to bring on board your journey based on those roles, what skills they need to have to help you create a good life and most importantly, where we might find these great people. We can then work with yourself ongoing to recruit, hire, train and mentor a high quality team.​

Community Development Work

We use an Asset Based Community Development approach (the “Glass Half Full” approach) to match your gifts, talents, and possible contributions with other individuals and communities in North Queensland. In partnership with yourself, we work to get to know community on a deeper level, exploring opportunities and roles, and matching your gifts, talents, and aspirations with those opportunities that bring your vision of a “Good Life” to life. We then step back when necessary to allow community and community members to step forward. ​

Customized Workshops and Training

We are well positioned to offer customized workshops or training to individuals, organizations, businesses, sport and community clubs, community organizations and local government. We can also work with you to customize a series of workshops or training for your club, organization, or community group. Some of our past topics and experience include: Social Inclusion, Asset Based Community Development, Social Role Valorization, Exploring future living arrangements, Collaborative Leadership for teams, Person Centered Practices, Looking for meaningful work, Building stronger communities, and Identifying Valued Roles. See our Consulting & Project work section for more information or check out our News & Events page for more info on upcoming workshops and training.​

Grant Writing

We can work with you at any stage in the process including investigating possible grants, grant writing or grant implementation. We have experience with grant writing and implementation of up to $400,000 and welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your grant writing needs and what opportunities might exist.

Our vision is a world where all individuals are involved in ordinary community life and communities “step forward” naturally to welcome their valued gifts, talents, and contributions.