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The gifts, talents, and contributions of individuals and communities.
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Individual and communities
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People into action
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At Towards Better We Believe that:

Everyone can be involved in ordinary community life, that both individuals and communities have something to contribute, and that many communities are capable and willing to “step forward” to welcome each person’s gifts, talents, and contributions.

In order for people to live a good life, they need to take on roles in the community that are viewed positively and valued. This is especially true to those that are considered devalued by society. Valued roles are the everyday roles of ordinary life and are based on our individual interests, skills and gifts.

Everyone has the right to human dignity and full citizenship. And that people are empowered when they have a voice in the communities they belong to and to whom they matter. We are motivated to see that all people are appreciated for their uniqueness, included in their communities and respected as fellow humans.

Individuals and communities that focus on the “Glass Half Full”, who value relationships, and believe in community led action can open the door to a plethora of possibility and create better lives for all citizens.

When people interact with us it is important that they feel:

We partner with individuals and communities to:

Towards Better is a community organization whose mission is to discover, connect, and mobilize the assets, skills, and passions of individuals, communities and organisations.

Towards Better is shaped by our core values which guide everything we do. We value:

Our vision is a world where all individuals are involved in ordinary community life and communities “step forward” naturally to welcome their valued gifts, talents, and contributions.

At Towards Better, we believe In showing respect and awareness for aboriginal culture and heritage and the ongoing relationship the traditional owners have with their land. We acknowledge the First Nations people as the original inhabitants of Australia. We recognise, respect and celebrate the cultural distinctions of First Nations people and value their rich and positive contribution to not only Queensland but also to the broader Australian society. We pay our respects to the Traditional Owners (the Bindal and Wulgurukaba peoples) and keepers of this land and acknowledge all elders past, present and future.