100 Online Opportunities Townsville

This list was collated by Local Level Alliance Facilitator, Tiffany Stubbin (). Information was collected from Facebook and MeetUp.

Looking for Support
NQ Heart Families – This is a Townsville based Facebook group of parents/family members affected by Congenital Heart Defects/Childhood Heart Disease. This group was created out of the need to support each other as we navigate life as families of children and angels affected by CHD. For those not on Facebook, https://www.heartkids.org.au/ is another online community. 

Townsville Transgender Support Group – For adults and mature teens who are transgender or gender questioning. This group brings together individuals to ask questions, seek and share knowledge and support one another that all may grow.
Townsville Chronic Pain Support Group – Here to support anyone who has chronic pains and also to support carers. Associated with The Pain Clinic with the help of Dr Steven Gilbert and also with The Australian Pain Management Association. Fortnightly face to face meetings as an option. 

Townsville Parent Community – A space created for local, relocating and visiting parents to share recommendations and information about local products, services and more. The page connects your family with your community and connects parents with other parent’s knowledge and support. Other Townsville parenting Facebook groups include Young Parents Townsville (for parents under 25yo), Single Dads and Mums in Townsville, and Who’s Your Daddy? (a Townsville-based group for dads, old, new and soon-to-be available for advice, tips, support and is a safe space to talk about struggles).

NDIS Discussion Townsville is a Facebook group here for Townsville NDIS participants, carers, and those working alongside them, to share their experiences, ask questions and build a supportive community. Other NDIS related Facebook groups include NDIS Connecting Families with Support Workers Townsville and Townsville Region Used Disability Equipment (a great network for people to find second hand medical equipment). 

Mates4Mates North Queensland – Is a group for everyone within the Mates4Mates community to share stores, ask questions and stay up to date on the latest Mates4Mates news happening in NQ. Join the group, follow their page or check out the website https://mates4mates.org/whom-we-are/our-locations/north-qld. Another Townsville-specific Defence group is I served at RAAF Townsville 

Past & Present (a Facebook group for all serving and past serving personnel who served at RAAF Townsville).
Townsville Brides & Grooms Chit Chat – A Facebook group for those to chat about all things wedding related. This group is first and foremost for brides and brides-to-be to share experiences, ask questions, and in general to just help each other out with the wedding. There is also a Townsville & Surrounds Wedding Page if you’re looking for wedding ideas and inspiration. 

Townsville Gastric Bypass & Sleeve – A Facebook group for those who’ve had the Sleeve, those who want to learn more, and those who are here to support the Sleever in their life. This is a non-judgmental, friendly, support group. 

Autism Townsville – A page for parents to come and share their ideas, experiences, funny moments, frustrating moments and to remind people they’re not in it alone. A place to celebrate beautiful children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and siblings.
Townsville lifts for Friends – A group for anyone looking for transport. Just send a message through and it will get organised. There is also a Facebook group called Townsville lifts for cash. 

Getting Outside the House
North Queensland Fossickers Group – A Facebook group for like minded people interested in fossicking for gemstones in North Queensland and Australia. For people of all walks of life who enjoy wide open spaces, camping, day trips or buying gemstones. For those interested in gold prospecting, there is a North Queensland Gold Prospecting Facebook group and a Townsville Metal Detecting Group. 

Pokemon Go! Townsville – Is a group designed by Pokemon trainers for Pokemon trainers. A place that you can find your rival, make friends, adventure with others and generally have a grand ol’ time. The group was created for the mobile app game Pokemon Go!, but the community events are not limited to this game. 

Townsville Drone Group – A Facebook space to add your content, share tips and post up your plans to head out if you want people to come join you. 

Townsville Active – A Facebook group for the people of Townsville to share anything related to being active! From events, what’s happening, questions and advice in sports, fitness, nutrition, and all outdoor activities. Let the community know what you need or what you’re doing. There is also a Facebook group called Townsville Fitness Community which is a one-stop-shop for information about workshops, seminars, cooking classes, fun runs, etc. And a Facebook group called Townsville Fitness Events! Where fitness professionals can promote their events.

Let’s Walk Townsville – A community for like-minded people who enjoy getting together for walks and hikes around the Townsville region. More information is available on Facebook and MeetUp.

Townsville Nature Lovers – Share your photos, experiences, articles and memes of the ‘Natural World’ in or around Townsville for us all to enjoy. From the rivers to the sky, your garden or anything in between. There is also a Facebook group Native Plants Queensland – Townsville Group where people can share photos and discussions of plants growing in the bush and gardens in Townsville.

Geocaching Townsville – This community is open to all who are passionate about Geocaching. This is a place to share questions, information, gloat about your numbers, and talk about challenges you’ve come across. For more information about the geocaching community, visit https://geocaching.com.au/. 

Places To Go Trail Riding In Townsville and Outer Townsville – This is a Facebook group for casual trail riding enthusiasts of all levels and ages. For people always looking for new places to ride. A great opportunity to find people to ride with, share stories, share the best places and make new friends. 

Fishing Townsville – A Facebook group for people that live in Townsville that love fishing. Feel free to add pictures of your prized catch (the one that didn’t get away), share some well known hot spots, information and help build people’s knowledge of what it is like to fish in beautiful North Queensland. See also Jet Ski Fishing Townsville NQ or Townsville Fishing Mates for tips, tricks and invitations for fishing trips.

Sk8ers Gonna Sk8 Townsville – A Townsville-based skating group primarily focused on roller skating, quad skating, inline skating and rollerblading. For skateboarders, electric skateboarders and long boarders, there is Townsville Skate Co, TSV ESK8 or Townsville Longboarding.

Looking for Adventure
Wanderstories Adventure Community – Townsville and North Queensland adventures, exploring and expeditions including hiking, climbing, bushwalking, canyoning, and camping with a few water activities mixed in for good measure. Check out the Facebook page or the website for more info https://wanderstories.space/townsville-groups/.

Townsville Hike and Explore – Bushwalking, camping and adventuring in Townsville and surrounding areas. This is a group of adventurous, energetic, like-minded people that enjoy exploring new places and experiencing first hand what the great outdoors has to offer. Other smaller Facebook hiking groups include Townsville Hiking & Bush Walking; Townsville Hike and Explore Adventure Community; and Townsville Hiking & Bush Walking. 

NQ Camping and 4wding – A place to share, chuck up some reviews of products you have and share camp oven recipes.
Townsville & Far North Spearfishing – Useful information about spearing, ask a question, share a photo or a story about your adventures, even buy, swap or sell an item. Another helpful Facebook group is Townsville Spearfishing Buddy Finder, a place to find mates to head out spearfishing with. 

North Queensland Fishing, Camping, Hunting, Boating and 4wding – An online place to share info, tips, pics and stories or anything else outdoor related. This is not a buy/swap group. 

Townsville 4×4 Adventures – A place for like minded individuals to organise day/long trips and meet new people. This is not an official club, just a digital social gathering place. Also check out Bogged and Stuck Townsville to share advice, support, and talk about the best 4 Wheel Driving spots in Townsville.

NQ Kayakers – An informal group of Townsville Kayakers who mainly paddle white-water, most frequently up the Tully River. This group values inclusivity and welcome all who like to have fun on the water, be it for a short paddle, day trips, multi-day expeditions, or having a go at canoe polo. 

North Queensland Adventure Riders – A place to swap info and rides around the North Queensland region including Mackay, Townsville, Cairns, plus further North and West.
Townsville Alive! – Is about free, cost share and community active lifestyle activities in the Townsville area. Share adventures, questions and events. 

Townsville Dive Buddy Network – For anyone keen to go for a dive and looking for a buddy.

For the Love of Food
Townsville Foodies – A Facebook group to know about the restaurants around the city and discuss grievances, give compliments, promote and review. 

Townsville Barbecue Community – A Facebook group for barbecue enthusiasts to brag, share recipes, and share your latest creations. Everyone welcome. There is also a Townsville Low and Slow BBQ page to show off your cooks, ask advice and find out where the best butchers and BBQ suppliers are around town. 

Townsville Thermites – A great place to collaborate and share your Thermomix journey. Find out what’s on, what’s cooking, and what your Thermie can do. A place to connect and develop friendships and a real sense of community. 

Townsville Cheap Eats – The place for all the best meals deals in Townsville. Open for reviews and comments for one and all. Local restaurants, cafes & food vendors are welcome to post their specials. 

Righteous Brewers of Townsville – The purpose of this Facebook group is to have an open forum to discuss ideas, recruit new members, and just talk about general beer life. A similar Facebook group is Townsville Beer Thread (Facebook group to share the love of beer). 

Townsville Coffee Wine and Food Experiences – Share and review your positive food experiences about Townsville. A place to post pictures, prices, and comment on dishes you liked. Together we can follow a good trail of food and coffee throughout our city. 

BBQ Pit Boys Townsville – A social group for all those that have an interest in all things BBQ, food, and comradeship. A place for sharing ideas, questions, photos, and for seeking advice. 

Food for Thought Townsville – A grass-roots community group that welcomes anyone with a passion for food. The Facebook group is there to facilitate education, discussion and passion for the foodies of Townsville and beyond. They hold community meetings around Townsville and post invitations in advance. 

PUFT Events Townsville – Pop Up Food Truck Events have regular community days, supplying food, markets and rides for events across North Queensland. Check out the Facebook page or visit the website for information about upcoming events https://www.puftevents.com.au/.
Camp Oven Cooking: Townsville, North Queensland and Beyond – A Facebook group to share camp oven recipes, hints and experiences in this group or from other groups with similar interests. Opportunities for camp oven cook ups where everyone can share meals and ideas.

New to Town
Everything Townsville – A community Facebook group to chat, ask questions, promote your business, post news and events, hang out, joke, laugh and have fun. Other places to keep up to date in Townsville include Townsville community events & small business advertisements; #TownsvilleCommunity (for those not on Facebook); What’s On Townsville (also a website for those not on Facebook); Wot’s On in the Ville?; Townsville Aboriginal & Islander Festivals and Events (a space for events to be promoted and showcased); Townsville Community Events; and Townville Community Noticeboard.

North Queensland Weather Watch – A Facebook group for anyone in NQ interested in the weather especially in cyclone season. A place to share information or ideas about staying safe during a cyclone. 

Townsville Family Life – An online space for Townsvillians to find up to date information on what the region has to offer families, from the everyday special events to everything in between. Townsville Family Life has a blog and a newsletter to stay up to date if you do not have social media. Check out the website for more information https://www.townsvillefamilylife.com/. 

The Gift of Giving For People In Need (Townsville) – This group is about buying nothing. It’s for gifting unwanted items such as furniture, kids’ clothes, toys, food, anything you no longer need or want. You can gift your time or ask someone to help with shopping, moving, cleaning, etc. A similar Facebook page is Just Buy Nothing Townsville. 

Townsville Questions, Answers & Advice – A Facebook group where locals can ask questions and get answers from other Townsville residents. Similar Facebook platforms include Townsville’s Ask A Question; Townsville Questions & Answers; Townsville Questions And Answers; and Townsville Questions and Answers & Local Business Shoutouts. 

Townsville Trade Services – The one stop shop for all issues requiring professional tradesmen. This group provides Townsville with on hand Tradies to answer all their questions. For more information, check out the Facebook page. A similar but smaller Facebook group is Townsville Tradie Recommendations and Reviews. 

Townsville kids parties and vacation care activities – On Facebook, a one stop shop for parent and care workers looking for that something special on their child’s upcoming birthday party, vacation care holiday or fundraising events. For those who don’t have Facebook, this website might be helpful https://www.activeactivities.com.au/directory/category/parties/party-entertainment-and-themes/location/qld/townsville/. 

Markdowns Addicts Townsville – Find a great deal anywhere in Townsville. For those who love a good sale, there is also Garage Sales Townsville. 

North Queensland Cowboys Stampede – A Fan group for the North Queensland Cowboys. A Facebook group for fans to share their views on the team, performances, etc. There is also a Facebook group for North Queensland Cowboys Memorabilia and History.

Groups for Singles – Facebook communities include:
• Townsville Friend’s Social Group;
• Townsville singles and friendship;
• Townsville Singles & Friendship Events and Catch ups;
• Townsville Elite Singles & Social Group;
• Townsville singles with a geeky and alternative side;
• Townsville Singles & Friends Social Group;
• Townsville Singles Meet & Greet;
• Townsville Singles 20+;
• Townsville Dating, Singles & Friends Group;
• Townsville Singles And Friends Meet And Greet; and
• Townsvilles Single & Ready to Mingle.

Creative Spaces
Townsville Lego user Group (TLUG) – A special group in North Queensland all with one passion for Lego. This is a place to share information, ideas, designs, pictures, questions or just love. This group is open for anyone to join. They try to host meetings for adults only along with separate fun days for kids. 

Townsville Videography Group – For all videographers from the Townsville region to share locations, ideas and their work. 

Townsville Drum Circle – A group for all who love drums. This page is for drumming, percussion or rhythm-related topics. 

Townsville Handmade and Craft – The aim is to come together as a crafty community, share craft information, advice, questions, show off your talent, and sell what you make. Other Facebook groups to join are Townsville Crafties, and Cricut for Townsville and North Queensland (a place to share ideas, create craft get togethers, sell materials and help out fellow cricuter). 

Townsville Live Bands – A group for Townsville bands searching for band members and for bands who want to advertise their gigs. Similar Facebook groups include Townsville Musicians Group, Townsville’s Live Music Scene, and GIG HUB TOWNSVILLE. 

Townsville Sewing Community – A group that enjoy sewing a little something every so often. Some are new to sewing while others are sewers from way back. A space to share patterns, information, and a love for sewing. 

Townsville Poetry – A place to enjoy poetry. Either post your own or just read, just don’t add anyone else’s poetry. Be creative and enjoy.

Townsville Rock Hiding – People decorate small rocks and leave them in parks, along walks, in play areas, public gardens, etc. This is a space for people to post pics of rocks hidden or found. Similar Facebook groups include Tsv Rocks and RockN TSV. 

Townsville Photography Group – For all shutterbugs from the Townsville region to share locations, ideas and their photos. Similar Facebook groups are Townsville Photography Enthusiasts, and TOWNSVILLE SHUTTERBUGS.

Townsville Cosplayers! – A group for all things Cosplay and nerd related for the people of Townsville. This group brings people together to share cosplays, tips, tricks, events and to organise meet ups. This group isn’t just for cosplayers, as they encourage friends, artists, photographers, and nerdy people in general to join and discuss what they like.

Find Yourself a Community
Spiritual Seekers Townsville – A Facebook group for people conscious of the importance of the positive flow of energy. A space to share, ask, and be. 

Townsville and NQ Homesteading Group – This Facebook group is set up for the intended purpose of bringing like-minded people together, who enjoy homesteading and self-sufficiency, from commercial farmers to chicken owners or those who have veggie patches. All welcome to share their knowledge, ask questions, and share the fruits of your labor. Also see Produce Swap Townsville for opportunities to share produce and expand your networks. Other garden-related pages are Townsville Gardening Gurus; Townsville Lawn Fanatics; and Plant A Holics Townsville. 

AYCC NQ Volunteers 2020 – A space for NQ Australian Youth Climate Coalition volunteers to keep in touch, share interesting climate/renewable energy-related stuff, make plans, and organise meetings and events for climate justice. 

Sundalah CommUNITY: Townsville Health, Wisdom & Inspiration – A Facebook group to support local community in discovering ways to live with a positive mind, healthy body, and loving connection to our earth. Sundalah offers a local Wellness Directory, magazines, newsletters, and a variety of programs including events to inspire, educate, motivate and unite people through choices in whole health self-studies. Visit the website www.sundalah.com.au, the Facebook page or join the Facebook group. 

Townsville Pride – Is intended as a Banner group to support the LGBTQI community in the Townsville region. They aim to provide a community focus of inclusion and safety for all LGBTQI people. Other Facebook groups include Lost Gay Townsville) to celebrate past times in Townsville and reconnect with old friends), Townsville & Northern Qld Gay, Bi & Lesbian Connections, or Townsville TIGS (Trangender, Intersex, Genderqueer Support). 

Permaculture Townsville, Inc. – Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems. This is a group to share ideas, stories and advice. 

Community Information Centre – has a page to follow on Facebook as well as newsletters and a directory on https://www.cictownsville.com.au/. Other Townsville community Facebook groups include North Townsville Community Hub (also at https://notchdeeragun.weebly.com/), and South Townsville Community Hub. 

Townsville Pagans – This is an online Facebook community for like-minded people. 

Vegans & Vegetarians in Townsville – A Facebook group for anyone who lives a vegan or vegetarian life, or wants to do so. A place to share delicious recipes, favourite restaurants or anything to do with choice of not consuming meat (and dairy). There is also a Townsville Vegans Facebook page that you can follow. 

Townsville Women’s-Only Groups – Facebook communities include:
• Girls Advice Townsville;
• Townsville Mums And Friends (for mums who want to make new friends);
• Hen Pen Australia;
• Connections: Real Women Real Stories (also on MeetUp);
• Townsville Girls Meetup!;
• She Spoke – Townsville Women’s Cycling Group;
• Bawlers and Crawlers (for mothers, pregnancy, and those who are trying to conceive)
• Townsville Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Women’s Social Group;
• Townsville Women in Science and Technology;
• Townsville Area Events for Ladies Over 40;
• Townsville Women; and
• Townsville Business Women’s Circle.

Townsville Celebrant Network – A resource and support group to help and support local celebrants. This is a space to answer each other’s questions, share funny stories and celebrate each other’s success. For those without Facebook, https://www.celebrants.org.au/ has a blog, events and forums for network members. 

Townsville SES Social Page – A Facebook page for all the Townsville SES Members to encourage each other. A place to share photos, events and activations that members have participated in. Somewhere to discuss interesting or new ideas, and a space to share community or social events. 

Townsville Entrepreneur Crew – A forum where businesses can share information and inspiration that makes business owners so special. This is a networking space for entrepreneurs in Townsville. There is also a Townsville Business Owners Support Facebook group which is more support focused. 

Startup Townsville – A group for everyone that’s interested in startups. Whether a student, entrepreneur, techie, designer, hustler, investor or other, join and help develop a larger and more inclusive ecosystem in the Townsville Region. For more info, check out the Facebook group, or the MeetUp group https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/StartupTownsville/. There is also a group called Townsville Small Business Network on Facebook and MeetUp for business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Townsville Teachers Central – A place for teachers and pre service teachers in the Townsville region to support each other, unwind, ask questions and share advice, ideas, resources, funny teacher stories and posts, provide information on events, and buy/swap/sell resources. 

NQSPG: North Queensland Speech Pathology Group – A network of North Queensland Speech Pathologists: connecting, supporting and sharing ideas. 

Townsville Health Collective – A Facebook group of local businesses and health practitioners that are passionate about supporting the health of our community. They promote a variety of health and wellness videos free for you to access any time. For specific medical professionals, there is also a TMSS (Townsville Medical Staff Society) Facebook group. 

Australian Psychological Society: North Queensland Branch – A group to allow NQ Branch members to share information, professional development opportunities and to network. It is a committee of volunteers who meet once per month to organise networking, social and professional development events for APS members. Connect via Facebook or the website https://groups.psychology.org.au/northqld/.

Social Workers of North Queensland – A place to connect and share information, practice wisdom and resources. This group is for those who have completed or are completing a degree in Social Work. Connect via Facebook or website https://www.aasw.asn.au/north-queensland/about-us. 

Townsville Property.com – This Facebook page is an alternative to other real estate websites. The goal is to create a sense of community, it’s not just about homes; it’s also about a collection of people. Share your opinions, ask questions and help others.

Special Interest
Townsville DIY House & Garden – A space to share ideas, advice, show off your hard work, and buy/swap/sell. A similar Facebook group is Townsville Renovators Hub where people share ideas, tips and tricks, creative concepts and local NQ property market info. 

Townsville Car Cruises – A Facebook page for everyone that enjoys car cruises, enjoys checking out other people’s rides and socialising with people of the same interest. They encourage every type of vehicle no matter what it is. Similar Facebook pages are Townsville Modified Car Club; Townsville Street Scene; North Queensland Performance Car Club; and Tsv ALL-motor Enthusiasts. 

Townsville Motorcycle Community – Is a Facebook page for all motorcycle enthusiasts to post anything motorcycle association including rides and events. 

Paranormal Investigators Townsville (P.I.T) – A group for people to share stories, seek advice, share information and stay up to date with events. 

Townsville Book Exchange – A space to buy/swap/sell books and discuss a love of books. 

Pinball NQ – A Facebook group to connect NQ Pinball enthusiasts. This group encourages buying/selling/swapping, promoting competitions and leagues, offering pinball repair services or just general discussions about Pinball. 

NQ Gridiron Game Streaming – A Facebook community for Gridiron lovers and watchers. 

North Queensland Tabletop Discussion – A place for board gamers, role players and other table top gamers to discuss games and events in North Queensland. There is also a specific North Queensland Magic: The Gathering Facebook group for those who play Magic: The Gathering. 

Townsville’s Unofficial Dancer’s Forum – A place to share events, classes, workshops, news and discussion pieces. 

Townsville Trivia Nights – A Facebook page to follow, keep up with trivia events, discuss your love of trivia, and find a team.

Animal Lovers
Townsville and District Goat Club – A Facebook group to talk about breeding, keeping, and handling, to share pictures, and buy/swap/sell materials. 

North Queensland Native Stingless Bees – Sharing the knowledge, experience and fun of native stingless bees in North Queensland. 

Wildlife North Queensland – A Facebook group on NQ wildlife for people who love and care about the wildlife in the is amazing area. 

Cairns Birdwing Butterfly Townsville Group – The aim of this Facebook group is to build local awareness, knowledge and support of the Cairns Birdwing Butterfly here in Townsville. 

Townsville Cat Lovers, Questions and Pic’s – A place for cat lovers to share their pictures and stories, memes and joy that cats bring them. 

Townsville Reptile & Invertebrate Enthusiasts – A place to share your love and enthusiasm. See also Townsville Snake Catchers Facebook group. 

Animal Rescue Facebook groups include –
• Townsville Pets Re-Homing & Adoption
• Townsville Animal Rescue and Rehoming
• Angel-Paws Suppawters
• Save A Stray Townsville
• Townsville Bat and Wildlife Rescue
Facebook groups for fish lovers include –
• Townsville Aquarium Community
• Townsville fish keepers
• Freshwater Fish Townsville
• Townsville Fish Breeders
• Reefscape NQ – Townsville Marine Enthusiasts
• Townsville & Nth QLD Marine & reef Keepers

Bird Facebook groups include –
• Adopt a Flock Townsville
• Townsville and Surrounds Poultry
• Townsville Poultry Group
• Townsville Bird Support Service Inc
• Townsville Bird Fans
• Silkies Northern Queensland
• Jenny’s Birds and Breeders Support Group Townsville 

Online dog community Facebook groups are a great way to feel connected or organise doggy play dates. Some Townsville groups include –
• Dogs in Townsville
• Townsville Small Breed Pups and Dogs
• TSV Little Dog Squad
• Townsville Dog Groomers Unite
• Papillons Townsville
• Townsville Dachshunds
• Townsville Cattle Dogs
• French Bulldogs Townsville & North QLD (see also Townsville French Bulldogs)
• Chihuahua Lovers Townsville
• Malandalab’s Townsville
• Westie Club of Townsville
• Townsville Siberian Husky Group
• Townsville Jack Russells & Surrounding Areas
• Townsville Border Collies
• Labradors and Retrievers of Townsville
• Townsville Hug-A-Pug Club
• Townsville Alaskan Malamute Owners
• Townsville Friends of All Greyhounds (Gap AND Non-Gap)
• Townsville & Surrounds Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
• Townsville Poodles & Oodles
• Townsville German Shepherds
• Townsville Boxer Owners
• Townsville Bull Terriers (see also Townsville bull terriers group)

Please contact Tiffany (Details above) or Ricky at Towards Better () to add more to this list or enquire further for details.


(Posted: 04/01/2021)