100 Face-to-Face Groups Townsville

This list was collated by Local Level Alliance Facilitator, Tiffany Stubbin (). Information was collected from Facebook and MeetUp.

100 Face to Face Opportunities

Places to Connect

Social Lane – A place to hang out on Thursday nights with the family. Events occur at Stockland in the old Westpac building car park and there are games, music and heaps of opportunities for the kids to have a great time. For more information visit The Social Good Initiative on Facebook.

Townsville Multicultural Support Group – TMSG welcomes people who arrive as refugees and migrates and who bring hope, skills, ambition and resilience to our shores. There are great opportunities for migrant and non-migrant people to connect with each other. Visit the webpage https://www.tmsg.org.au/events-1 for upcoming events.

Community Information Centre – Drop into the space in the City and learn about a range of community groups and activities that are happening across Townsville. Link in with their Arts e-Bulletin or receive their newsletter for updates throughout the year on how to stay connected. Visit the website https://www.cictownsville.com.au/ for more information.

CommunityGro – Located in both Garbutt and the Upper Ross, this place offers support if needed, play groups, activities and opportunities to meet other people. Check out the Facebook page for more information.

TAIHS Yamani Meta – This is an early childhood space based in Garbutt that offers activities, programs and connection opportunities focused on growing up smart, healthy kids. Follow the Facebook page for all the up to date information, or visit the website https://www.taihs.net.au/taihs-services/child-family-support/family-wellbeing-program/yamani-meta/.

North Townsville Community Hub – Located in Deeragun, this community hub is a space for you to just be. There are volunteer opportunities, play groups, activities, and support available. Visit the website https://notchdeeragun.weebly.com/schedule.html for their calendar of events.

The Women’s Centre – A women-only space to connect with other women, reach out for support if needed, and get involved with different groups and activities. Visit the website https://www.thewomenscentre.org.au/services/activities/ for their calendar of events.

Tharlam Ling Buddhist Centre – Welcomes people from all faiths (or no faith) who wish to investigate Buddhist beliefs. This community offers regular mediations, teachings and retreats. More information can be found on Facebook or at https://meditationtownsvilletharlamling.com/. Face to face meetings happen weekly.

Townsville Mens Shed – Are not for profit community spaces designed to benefit adult males. Each shed has different materials available for different projects, but all sheds have a supportive group of men to get to know. For more information in the sheds available in Townsville, visit https://mensshed.org/find-a-shed/.

Headspace Townsville – Is more than just a counselling service for people aged 12 to 25. Headspace Townsville has a wide range of connection groups available for this age group. For more information on groups available, visit the Facebook page or the website https://headspace.org.au/headspace-centres/townsville/.


Looking for Something Creative

Townsville Brass – Consisting of three primary bands (Townsville Brass, Townsville Brolga Brass, and Townsville Brass Youth Band), they are a flexible and dynamic musical organisation that participates in national competitions, marching events and Christmas functions. Check out the website https://www.townsvillebrass.org/ or Facebook page for more information.

Townsville Jazz Club – Features a range of very talented local bands in a relaxed yet vibrant environment. The group meets regularly to and also provides entertainment throughout the year. Visit the website http://www.jazztownsville.com/ or their Facebook page for more information.

Voice Singing School – Want to improve on your singing skills or just meet new people? The Voice Singing School develops voices, provides performance opportunities, and has a holiday program. They support children through to adults and now also have a Pre-Prep program. Visit the Facebook page or website https://www.thevoicesingingschool.com/ for more information.

Townsville Ukulele – This group meets weekly and welcomes beginners. The aim is to have fun playing and singing together and learning from each other. Check out the Facebook page or website https://townsvilleukes.wixsite.com/townsvilleukulele/about for information about meet ups.

Townsville and Thuringowa Country Music Association –  The aim of this club is to encourage vocalists and musicians of all ages and abilities to perform at club functions and/or on stage. This is a place to jam together and share a love of country music. Check out the website https://ttcma.webs.com/ or Facebook page for contact details.

The Comedy Generation – Is an organisation that performs and hosts comedy, trivia and special events across six venues in Townsville. Due to COVID, shows had slowed down, but check out the webpage https://www.thecomedygeneration.com/ or Facebook for upcoming events. There is also a NQ Comedy Facebook group that is a community group encompassing all things comedy in the North.

Townsville Choral Society – This group aims to study, teach and perform choral music and work with musical content to foster the development of the art and science of music. Visit the website https://www.tcs.org.au/ for more information around how to get involved.

Townsville Little Theatre – Is a dynamic, local community theatre group that has been around for 40 years. This group offers entertainment but is also a starting point for many people interested in a career in the arts. To get involved or catch a show, visit http://www.townsvillelittletheatre.org.au/ or check out the Facebook page or group.

Townsville Guitar Orchestra – A non-profit community group that creates performance opportunities in Townsville for classical guitarists in the region. Check out the Facebook page for more information!

Townsville Folk Club – This group meets regularly and has a Facebook group and page to keep everyone in the loop about events, news and announcements. For those not on Facebook, email .


Gaming Fun

Townsville Gamers Club – Is a group that enjoys all types of tabletop gaming. These games include miniatures, card, role playing and board games. This club offers join-in campaigns and has a very solid base of great quality terrain for all systems and scales. More info available on Facebook.

TableTop Townsville – This is a group for tabletop fans of Townsville area only to get together, paint, play, buy, swap and sell. Whatever your interests in tabletop, you’ll get the chance to make new friends through the monthly meet ups.

Pokemon Go! Townsville – This community get together monthly for Community Days. There are separate Facebook and Discord groups for meet ups and Pokemon Go raids.

Society of Manga, Anime and Gaming – Check out the Facebook page for more information about upcoming events and opportunities to meet other manga, anime and gaming enthusiasts.

Townsville Bridge Club – This group meets throughout the month, welcomes visitors and has introductory lessons. For more information about lesson times and contacts, visit the website http://www.townsville.bridgeaustralia.org/index.asp.

Townsville Darts Association – This is a Community Sports Club that aims to foster the game of Darts for all ages and skill levels in a fair and inclusive environment. You can find more information (including contact details) on their Facebook page.

Monthly Monday Pizza & Pinball – Monthly pinball tournaments are organised by Empire Alternacade and Wzrd Pinball & Retro Arcade. Check out the Empire Arcade Facebook page for event information.

Townsville Boardgamers Social – This group meets fortnightly on Wednesday nights to play board and card games. For up to date event information check out the Facebook page, or visit https://www.boardgamesaustralia.org.au/map-location/townsville-boardgamers/?mpfy_map=900 for more information.

D & D Townsville Adventures – If you love Dungeons and Dragons, this is the group for you. They are expanding into offering kids games as well. Reach out on the Facebook page or email .


Out of the House

North Queensland Underwater Explorers Club – A Scuba Diving and Recreation Club based in Townsville. Check out the Facebook page or website https://nquec.org.au/ for information and events.

Townsville Camping Social Group – Join the Facebook group that welcomes families, singles, and couples. This group exists so that people can gather and enjoy the great outdoors around like minded people.

Townsville Skindiving Club – The Facebook group is set up for the benefit of the members to share news, photos, stories, videos and links amongst the club. Members are also welcome to ask advice, start discussions and share training times, etc.

Townsville Classic Films – Calling all classing film buffs. This group has an active Facebook page and a website http://www.townsvilleclassicfilms.com.au/ to get information about upcoming events.

Townsville Cinema Group – This is one of Australia’s oldest film societies. For more information about coming events, visit http://www.cinemagroup.org.au/ or their Facebook group.

Townsville FPVR – First Person View (FPV) Drone Racing is affiliated with Drone Racing Australia. They strive to provide a competitive racing and freestyle platform for FPV drone enthusiasts. Check out the Facebook page for up to date info, or check out the website https://aufpv.org.au/clubs/.

SSAA TOWNSVILLE – Located at the Hervey Range Shooting complex. Members can participate in many disciplines of club shooting including participation in Club, State, and National titles. Join the Facebook group or visit the website for more information.

Townsville 4×4 group – This Facebook group is open to 17 to 29 year olds that are interested in camping 4wding, road trips and weekend trips.

Magnet Fishing and Underwater Finds North Queensland – A Facebook group for anyone in North Queensland all about magnet fishing.

Townsville Real Street Car Cruises – Are local cruises put on for the car community every second month. Cruises are held Friday nights and are family friendly. Check out the Facebook page for event details.


Cultural Groups

Dante Alighieri Society Townsville – Is a society that promotes Italian culture and language around the world. They get together for social events and also offer Italian language classes. More information on Facebook or at http://www.dantetownsville.com/.

The Townsville Chinese Club Inc. – Is a group that promotes awareness, understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, and facilitates cultural learning through intercultural exchange. They also offer Mandarin language classes. More information on Facebook for at http://ttcci.org.au/.

ARIVA Edu – Provides classes for adults in Townsville to help you learn English as a second language. There are multiple levels of classes at a number of times throughout the week. Visit https://arivaedu.com.au/ for more information.

Townsville Somali Youth Club – A Facebook group to stay connect with other Somali youth.

Alliance Française de Townsville – Is a non-profit organisation which aims to promote the French language and culture in North Queensland. They offer regular cultural, social and educational activities, and language classes. For more info, visit the website https://aftownsville.org.au/ or the Facebook page.

Fijian Association of North Queensland – A non-profit organisation created by committed volunteers to bring Australian Fijians and Friends to unite irrespective of their gender, age, religion or ethnicity. A passionate group with a focus on Fijian history, heritage, family, social cohesion and social development. Visit the Facebook page.

TSV Filipino Catholic Community – A group to share church events and announcements. This group is found on Facebook.  

Te Pounamu AOTEAROA Townsville – A Facebook page where whanau could post up coming events, sporting events and any questions. Townsville Kiwi Social Club (TKSC) – a Social club that will help all of the Kiwis in Townsville keep in touch, share good times and have a few laughs along the way.

Jewish Community in Townsville – A Facebook group to link in with and stay connect with other people from the Jewish community in Townsville.

North Queensland Irish Association – Fosters community spirit and friendship through active involvement in the promotion of Irish culture and tradition in the Townsville area with regular social events that include music, song and dance. More information is available at https://nqia.com.au/ or on their Facebook page.  


For the Artists

Umbrella Studio – Visit their webpage https://umbrella.org.au/event/ for a variety of creative events and opportunities to meet other people.

The Hub Creative Space – A creative space for workshops, groups, and classes. Visit the Facebook page or Instagram (@thehubtownsville) for up to date events, or email for more information.

Townsville Writers & Publishers Centre – Writing can be lonely, but this group offers face to face meetings, guest presenters, workshops, literary dinners, competitions, retreats, and support with your next steps. Groups include Kids’ Lit, Popular Fiction, Scriptwriters, and Speculative Fiction. For more information check out https://sites.google.com/twpc.org/twpc/home or check out the Facebook page.

Townsville Art Classes – If you want to expand your connections, meet new people, or just be creative, check out the Facebook page or visit this website http://www.townsvilleartsocietyinc.org.au/class-info/.

North Queensland Camera Group – Is a passionate photography club meeting to share and enjoy all aspects of photography. They are a welcoming and encouraging environment for members to develop and share their photographic skills. They run competitions, form focus groups and hold learning and development nights. More information at https://www.nqcg.org.au/. There is also a Facebook group called Townsville Photography Group, TOWNSVILLE SHUTTERBUGS, and Townsville Photography Hub for shutterbugs from the Townsville region to share locations, news, events, advice, ideas and their photos.

Townsville Cross Stitchers – Come and join for a coffee and stitching. Join the Facebook group for updates.

Townsville Area Woodturners Association – This not for profit promotes the traditional craft of woodturning and the allied pyrography and scroll saw crafts. Regular workshops and meetings take place, so check out the website http://www.townsvillewoodturners.org.au/ or Facebook page for how to get into contact.

Life Drawing Townsville – This is a place to find life drawing sketch groups, classes, teachers, models, advertise your availability; anything related to life drawing in Townsville NQ and surrounds. There are regular classes available for anyone interested in improving their skills. Check out the Facebook page or Instagram.

Urban Sketchers Townsville – Are a group of artists who meet and draw at different locations around the Townsville area. Events are advertised on the Facebook page with all who wish to draw/ paint/ sketch welcome.

Townsville Watercolour Group – This group of artists meet on Wednesdays to paint together. They hold a number of exhibitions a year and have a gallery. Visit the Facebook page for details and event information.


Nature and Environment

Townsville & District Beekeepers Association – This group can help with information, equipment, bees, and connection. For meetings and updates visit the Facebook page or the website https://beesnorth.com.au/.

Bird Watching – Competitions, meet ups, excursions, and a love of bird watching. Visit https://birdlifetownsville.org.au/ for more information and events.

Townsville Snake Catchers – A Facebook group for currently licenced volunteer snake catchers those wishing to get into contact with them. Reach out to learn how to become a snake catcher. 

The Zeitgeist Movement Townsville – A group that gets together to connect, discuss and brainstorm ideas about how to urge global movements for sustainability. More information is available on Facebook and MeetUp.

Townsville Illegal Dumping Yobo’s Clean Ups (TIDY) – This is a Facebook group that try to raise awareness to combat illegal dumping in Townsville. They also get together to clean it up.

Sea Shepherd Townsville – Sea Shepherd is the world’s leading direct-action ocean conservation organisation. Check out the Facebook page or the website to find out more information.

Tangaroa Blue and ReefClean – These not for profit organisations run regular clean up events in Townsville. Get together with like-minded people and make a difference to the environment. For more information on upcoming events, check out the events section of their Facebook Pages or visit their websites.

Townsville Bushwalking Club – Get out and about in Townsville with other people who like to explore! Get connected by visiting the website https://www.townsvillebushwalkingclub.com/ or the Facebook page.

Total Tropical Orienteering Club – Get outdoors and exploring with this Club. Events include cross-country, street-park scatter events and urban adventure series. Check out the Facebook page with up to date information or https://oq.orienteering.asn.au/clubs/totally-tropical-orienteering-club/ to get more information.

Townsville Camping Social Group – A camping social group that welcomes families, singles, and couples. This Facebook group was created to people can gather and enjoy the great outdoors around like-minded people.


Some Good Conversations

Saver Plus – Is a 10 month financial education and matched savings program that assists people to improve their financial education and develop a savings habit for their own or their children’s education costs. As part of the program, participants receive one dollar matched savings for every one dollar they save up to $500. To check your eligibility and find out the group meeting times, email .

Townsville Youth Council – Is a dynamic and diverse team of young people, aged between 12 and 25, who meet on a fortnightly basis to identify local youth issues and strategies to address these issues.

Townsville’s Funky Book Club – This book club gives a choice of classic, contemporary, business and alternative suggested books each month to read and casually discuss perhaps over a glass of wine. More information on MeetUp.

Death Café – Is an accessible, respectful and confidential space for people (often strangers) to gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss death. Their objective is to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their lives. More information at https://deathcafe.com/what/ and for Townsville specific events, check out the Facebook page.

North Queensland Club – An exclusive meeting place for like minded people across North Queensland to discuss the important issues of the day and to pan for the future of their business, their professions, their communities and themselves. Visit the website http://www.northqueenslandclub.com.au/ or Facebook Page for more information.

University of the Third Age Townsville – For people 50+, retired or semi-retired who want to keep their body and brain active and make new friends. More information at u3atownsville.com.

Townsville Astronomy Group – Mission is to foster the science of Astronomy, promote astronomy within schools and in the general public, and to hold meetings and social events with like-minded astronomers. More information on Facebook and at astronomytsv.org.au.

Townsville Toastmasters Club – Inclusive environment to conquer one’s nerves to boost personal confidence and professional leadership skills.

PechaKucha Townsville – Means “chit chat” in Japanese. People bring a 20×20 presentation showing 20 images for 20 seconds each. People have 400 seconds to tell your story with visuals guiding the way. This creative outlet is celebrated by three million people worldwide. For Townsville events visit https://www.pechakucha.com/cities/townsville or check out the Facebook page.

Kodaly Townsville – The Kodaly Music Education Insitute of Australia, Townsville Chapter. Connect in with those who want to expand their musical education. Visit the Facebook page or the website https://www.kodalyqld.org.au/townsville-chapter/ for more information.


Supportive Connections

NQ Autism Support Group – Is a not for profit organisation of parents, carers and anybody who is involved or has an interest in the life of someone affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. Support is offered through this community and there are multiple groups. Visit https://www.nqasg.org.au/ or check out the Facebook page for more information.  

NQ Social Auslan Club – Every four weeks, there is a social Auslan gathering for all participants to enjoy activities and meet new people at various places. Deaf/Hard of hearing are also willing to assist hearing people to learn Auslan as well. Check out the Facebook page or website https://deafnav.com.au/community-group/nq-social-auslan-club for up to date information.

Little Dreamers – A support group for young people aged 4 to 25 who provide care for a family member affected by disability, illness or addiction. Visit https://www.littledreamers.org.au/ to find out more about the support and programs that are available in Townsville.

Townsville Auslan Choir – Anyone can become a part of this community and participate in the fun and the performances. Join the Facebook group for more information about rehearsals and performances.

MyTime Townsville (Support for Special Needs Parents) – A group where you’ll meet other families who understand the rewards and challenges of raising a child with additional needs or a chronic medical condition. They hold regular sessions that include coffee and cake, pamper sessions, family picnics and information sessions. More information, check out the Facebook group or email .

Families of Townsville birth Centre Coffee Support Group – A group run by JCU student midwives who support women during the antenatal and postnatal periods. They hold regular meetings to encourage connections with other women who are like-minded and who have received support from the Birth Centre midwives.

Townsville and District Multiple Birth Association – Supports families with twins, triplets and more. This group run events, get togethers, organise hospital visits, and offer support to parents experiencing very specific needs. Check out the website https://www.townsvillemultiples.com.au/ or Facebook page for more information.

Australian Breastfeeding Association Townsville Group – A group that meets most 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. Visit Facebook or the website for the most up to date information on meetings.

Patriots Australia MMC Townsville Chapter – Has a strong connection with the ADF and maintains Defence Values within their chapter. It maintains membership from both current and ex serving members of the Australian Defence Force. Check out the website https://www.patriots-australia.com/townsville-chapter.html or Facebook page

Townsville Gay Community – For LGBTQIA+ connections or support, check out the private Facebook group.


Other Opportunities

Townsville Orchid Society – Is dedicated to the cultivation and conservation of Orchids. There are short monthly meetings followed by the popular novice/new growers meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend. For more information visit http://www.townsvilleorchidsociety.org.au/ or check out the Facebook page.

Townsville Gem & Mineral Club – Meet up with gem enthusiasts. To receive the newsletter and updates, visit the website http://www.lapidaryworld.com/townsville_gem_and_mineral_club.html and get in contact. Or get connected through Facebook.

Cyclones Rod & Custom Car Club – One of Townsville’s largest rod and custom car clubs. It consists of members who have a passion to enjoy, improve and show off their cars. Check out the website https://www.cyclones.org.au/ or the Facebook groups to stay on top of events.

Australian Air Force Cadets – A youth oriented organisation that is administered and actively supported by the Royal Australian Air Force. For more information, visit http://www.aafc.org.au/wings/1-wing/.

Townsville District Bowhunters Club – Is an archery club that offers ABA Shoots and 3D Hunters Rounds each month. Email for more information.

Townsville Rc Drag Racing – A Facebook group for anything RC Drag racing related. Local meets, test n tunes, etc. will be posted there and all members of the group invited. There is also a Northern Drag Racers Club Facebook group.

Townsville Greyhound Racing Club – To link in with other greyhound racing enthusiasts, visit the website https://www.townsvillegreyhounds.com/ or the Facebook page.

QLD Gelblaster and Gelsoft Association Inc: TSV Gladiators – This group was created for like minded enthusiasts to be informed about products, information and game days relating to Gel Ball Blasters. Visit the Facebook page for information on events.

Townsville HOG – Townsville Harley Owners Group is a bunch of Harley riders that enjoy the ride to wherever. More information about events and get togethers on the website https://www.hogtownsville.com.au/ or on the Facebook page.

Townsville & Districts Motorcycle Riders Association Inc. – Work to reduce the numbers of riders being needlessly injured and killed on our roads. They offer social functions, day rides to interesting places, weekend camping trips away, BBQs, Poker Runs, and participate in annual functions like Toy Run, Blood Runs, Singer Rally, etc. They also offer Rider Training Programs. Check out the website http://www.mratownsville.org.au/ for Facebook page for more info.



This list was compiled by Local Level Alliance Facilitator, Tiffany Stubbin. The information was collected of public webpages and Facebook. Please follow the links for more information.