120 Ways to get involved in ordinary community life (and meet other people) For less than $15 per week


  1. Meet your neighbour- Its free
  2. Leverage your current unpaid relationships to meet new people (such as family, family friends, friends of those family friends)
  3. Explore getting a Job/Apprenticeship/Traineeship- You will actually make money!
  4. Start your own business/Self Employment- Same as #4, maybe even more
  5. Volunteer your time somewhere- Thats usually free, or very low cost
  6. Join the local park run
  7. Join a local gym (cost less than $15 per week and Townsville active has free outdoor classes)
  8. Toastmasters
  9. Lions
  10. Apex
  11. Rotary
  12. Attend free learning and workshops (plenty around)
  13. Join a Church or Religious group
  14. Check out the outdoor basketball courts (especially ones on Bamford lane)
  15. Table tennis association
  16. Scale Model Club
  17. Library groups
  18. Book Club
  19. com
  20. Townsville Alive meetup group
  21. Local theatre groups
  22. Art Classes
  23. Pottery Classes
  24. Take a class at TAFE
  25. Take a class at Uni
  26. Do a short course
  27. Soccer Clubs
  28. Footy Clubs
  29. Baseball clubs
  30. Cricket Clubs
  31. Hobby clubs
  32. Woodworking clubs
  33. Surf Lifesavers
  34. SES
  35. Coast Guard
  36. Citizen Police
  37. Rural Fire Brigade
  38. Join a conservation group
  39. Join an environment/climate change group
  40. Road running group
  41. Cycling groups
  42. Board gaming club
  43. Birdwatching group
  44. Bird Club
  45. Martial Arts/Mixed Martial Arts classes
  46. Lawn Bowls
  47. Gun/Rifle Club
  48. Wildlife Carers
  49. Canine Obedience Club
  50. Car Clubs
  51. Culture group specific to your culture
  52. Casual sporting groups (such as Wildcatz or Beach Volleyball)
  53. Join a supporter’s group (of a sporting club) and go to matches consistently
  54. Join a choir
  55. Join an orchestra
  56. Join a music group
  57. Fishing Club
  58. Take dance lessons
  59. Join a dancing group/club (heaps around)
  60. Have a market stall at local markets
  61. Regularly go to bingo at local pubs and sit with the same people
  62. Get involved at local radio station
  63. Join a netball club
  64. Start yoga or Pilates
  65. Take classes at the Heatley TCTC
  66. Regularly go to the local skateparks at times when people your age are likely to be there
  67. Join a knitting group
  68. Join a quilting group
  69. Join a painting/drawing group
  70. Join an archery club
  71. Join a BMX Club
  72. Join a swimming club
  73. Join a gymnastics Club
  74. Join a plant group (orchid society, herb society)
  75. Join a gardening group (permaculture, JCU sunshine gardeners)
  76. Take a class at the PCYC
  77. Join a golf club (may stretch the budget slightly, but not necessarily)
  78. Join or volunteer at a scout’s group
  79. Basketball Club
  80. Outdoor racing club (such as Outer Limits)
  81. Mountain Biking Club
  82. Volleyball Club
  83. Horse/Pony Club
  84. Caravan Club
  85. Collectors/Antiques Clubs
  86. Herpetological Society
  87. Fencing Club
  88. Metal Detecting Club
  89. Radio Club
  90. Underwater Exploring Club
  91. Freediving Club
  92. Scuba Diving Club
  93. Classes at the local pool
  94. Hockey Club
  95. Kayaking Club
  96. Rock Climbing Club
  97. Lawnmower Racing
  98. Road Racing Association
  99. Go Kart Club
  100. Athletics Club
  101. Outrigger Canoeing
  102. Bowling
  103. Boxing Club
  104. Doll Club
  105. Remote Control Car Club
  106. Orientieering Club
  107. Roller Derby
  108. Beekeepers Association
  109. Four Wheel Drive club
  110. Goat Club
  111. Aeromodellers Association
  112. Astronomy Club
  113. Gem & Mineral Club
  114. Rowing Club
  115. Badminton Association
  116. Folk Club
  117. Bushwalking Club
  118. Hike & Explore Group
  119. Chess Club
  120. Cinema Group

This is only the beginning!….

This “glass half full thinking has underpinnings of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) and Social Role Valorization (SRV). Stay tuned for our 2021 workshops in Townsville and Cairns and in the meantime, here is a video with a bit more…