Our NDIS Services are going digital!

NDIS Participants- Just because we are being told to stay home for anything non essential does not mean life has to stop! I am still able to work with you face to face via video using apps on computer or phone such as Facetime, Microsoft Teams, ZOOM, Google Hangouts or Skype and can screen share […]

Life Vision & Planning Tools

Towards Better PATH Planning Vision for the Good Life (From Resourcing Inclusive Communities) 7 Keys to Citizenship (From People with Disabilities WA) Pathways 2 Opportunities Planning (From Jeder Institute)  

NDIS Capacity Building

VALID-NDIS “Tip Sheets” NDIS Operational Guidelines NDIS Self Management DSC- What are NDIS “Reasonable & Necessary Supports”?  DSC- NDIS Resource Hub WAiS- NDIS Resources R&N Across the Lifespan Getting Ready for NDIS Planning Sample NDIS Plan Imagine More- Stories about the NDIS Humane- NDIS Self Management made Easy

Social Role Valorsation

Journeying into the everyday by Jane Sherwin BPP “Valued Roles for All” Handbook Making the Most of the NDIS using SRV by Jane Sherwin Think Typically using Culturally Valued Analogue by Jane Sherwin Good ideas for Better lives by Jane Sherwin Rethinking Respite by John Armstrong & Lynda Shevellar CRU- “Bringing the Good Life to […]

Asset Based Community Development

Discovering a Persons Gifts, Interests, and Capacities 10 Key Community Development Beliefs Five Valued Experiences Five Keys to Inclusive Community Engagement by Jim Diers ABCD at a Glance by Tamarack Institute ABCD Booklet for Residents Basic Guide to ABCD Community Organising Participatory Community Building Guidebook Four Essential Elements of ABCD Process Maximising Citizenship by Ric […]

Allies & Learning Resources

My “Allies” Family Advocacy  Imagine Better  Imagine More  Purple Orange  Resourcing Inclusive Communities  Community Resource Unit (CRU)  Community Living Project  Jane Sherwin Consulting  Valued Lives Foundation Belonging Matters Western Australia Individualized Services (WAiS)  Community Door  First Peoples Disability Network Australia Great Ideas in Action  First Peoples Disability Network Australia  Jeder Institute  Values in Action Association  […]

Individual and Family Governance

WAiS “Supported Decision Making” Tools Establishing “Right Relationships” by Michael Kendrick Ten guidelines for family governance of services by Margaret Ward The Natural Authority of Families by Michael Kendrick Maximising Citizenship by Ric Thompson RIC “7 Steps to Self Direction” Booklet RIC “Getting the Good Life” Resource Strategies to Shield People from Invasive Bureaucracy Michael […]